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Our Services

We are focussed to solve all the real time problems, and do research without degree. Creating an ecosystem for more people to join research.
Solution Designing

We provide innovative solutions to all real time problems of private sector clients and government sector. The solutions are specifically focussed on patents that we outsource to these corporates and government sectors. 

To Change the trend and mindset of people about research and promote concept of doing research without degree. WORKOLAB is platform wherein people from any age, community can come together and do research as well as build up there business at he same place i.e, Offices and Research Hub at one place. A proper assistance will be provided o people of all age to solve real world problems

Innotour is a project launched to help both innnovators and people living in rural areas. it will make innovators and researchers to experience real world problems and find solutions to them. this will build up ahuge gap beetween the rural and urban areas and will help all of us to develop together.

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