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About Us
                                   Since 2014

To ensure that researchers doesnt experience problems and come up with solutions for sustainbility. We encourage more no. Of students to come up with their ideas and serve for betterment of society.

At Zenith Vipers we follow the concept of Research Without Degree, which means that a person need not to have any degree to do research, research is something which anyone can do anywhere at anytime with good set questions and determination

Meet The Team
  1. Yashraj Bhardwaj , Zenith Vipers
    Yashraj Bhardwaj
    CEO, Co-Founder
  2. Yuvraj Bhardwaj , Zenith Vipers
    Yuvraj Bhardwaj
    CTO, CFO, Co-Founder
Yashraj and Yuvraj are 18 years old and Co-Founder of Zenith Vipers Group. They own 36 Research Projects and 15 patent applications that he has filed in a team. They are also the recipients of Karmaveer Chakra Award 2016 and have also been named amongst top 10 young entrepreneurs of 2016 across the globe by by success magazine.They were finalist of SF fellowship worth $250000 and winners of $100000. They were also proud nominee of Padma Shri 2018, one of the highest civilian award in India. Also winner of many international and national awards. Yashraj and Yuvraj resides in Delhi and are very closely connected with the latest in technology and innovation around the world, with very close association with innovation powerhouses like Silicon Valley giants, TED, Venture Firms and Technology Clusters around the world.